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    ReGenesis™ is a spiritual journey to restore your core essence, your true self, to its’ Divine Soul Path. It is a proven methodology to rebuild your life, your body and your relationships.

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    Just wanted you to know I’m doing well. My nose felt so much better last night. I could breathe. My side didn’t hurt, just had a feeling of “pressure” in the area. I know it could take days/ weeks to feel completely normal again.  I’m pretty tired today, so instead of cleaning my garage as planned, I’m going to take it easy again. Yea! Listening to body! Thanks so very much!

    - Jean H.
  • Experiences in group ReGenesis Streaming
    Just wanted to take a minute and thank you. We had a fantastic time and enjoyed the session immensely, you are so talented! We talked about the meeting after and about how we felt when we were talking with the group and I wanted to share our experiences privately.

    When it was my turn I was feeling a pulsing of energy through my body but felt like it was just shooting everywhere, I have felt something similar but only one time (at Unity Temple, when they had a guest speaker that was channeling). Jerod also had physical experiences when it was his turn, he said that he felt like he was “too big” for his own skin and this is something he has only ever felt before when he was a child. Such a blessing, thank you!

    - Christine & Jerod
  • Beautiful Work
    Thank you for the beautiful work we did yesterday. I am still exhausted but feeling very hopeful about the future. Just in case can you please resend the articles/astral clearing exercises you talked about yesterday? Thank you!

    - Carrie C.
  • WOW – Fire Wall Works!
    Thanks Teresa – I’ve been using the I AM statements and the fire wall frequently! I am not exaggerating- I have NEVER felt as safe and supported as when I activate the fire wall. WOW. I combine it with repeating I am safe and sound with the support and protection I need- which I think is from a chakra card. I’ve never felt like I could fully be here and this has helped tremendously. Also I’ve been practicing how to say the I AM statements and I can feel the difference when I exercise my full authority. Its pretty powerful!

    - Quinn F.
  • Transformative
    I have so far done ReGenesis core with Teresa plus the follow-up session. Both sessions were not only fascinating to experience, but extremely helpful to get to the source of what I had come to heal. I can feel the effects of experiences still working in me, as Teresa helped guide me toward the part of myself that already knows what it wants to heal and how it wants my being to grow. I feel expanded by working with ReGenesis and excited to keep learning more. If you are looking for a quantum healing experience, Teresa is a perfect choice. She is also a wealth of metaphysical and spiritual knowledge. Highly recommended!

    - Rob D.
  • Fascinating 
    It’s always great after talking to Teresa. She always knows how to fix or handle situation. She is very positive and making me feel at ease. Every time, I always find out new things about myself that I never knew before. When needed, she always sends out follow up email with instructions to continue on the work myself or email me for some natural remedy. It is truly fascinating that she can work with our guardian angels and help us in our difficult times. I am truly blessed to have met her.

    - Linda W.
  • Energetic work – Highest Integrity and Love

    I have been receiving sessions from Teresa since at least 2010 and have always been pleased with her work. This last session not only helped me get back on my path and more firmly in my spirit and body, but also removed an energetic block that relieved the pain in my neck, shoulder and arm. She has the patience, vision and strength to do the deepest and highest work with integrity and love. Thank you, Teresa!

    - Carrie C.

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